About Us

Turama Ahi Pottery

We started producing pottery back in 1985, so you will know we have been in the business for a very long time. Making pottery began in our kitchen, we soon realised we needed more space. A purpose-built studio workshop gave us the opportunity to become full-time potters. Over the next 27 years, our passion for pottery encouraged us to succeed in this career.

Our fascination with clay and glaze, we think you will be satisfied with our diverse range of ‘uncomplicated’, 'interesting' pieces.

We gain pleasure and satisfaction from the journey of digging raw clay, producing the form and decorating the work, design and finish is often influenced by the environment from which we draw our materials.


Wednesdays 10 - 1pm - Cost $10, plus clay, glaze and firings. Tea/Coffee and biscuits provided. (Please phone Sandy on 021 286 1192 to confirm)
Contract full kiln loads, individual items, both bisque and glaze firing